Who I Am

I'm a software engineer and web developer. I love to create meaningful software, contribute to open source projects, and share my own work with the world.

I am especially familiar with Python, Javascript, and PHP. I am also well versed in Node.js, Django, Angular, and Flask.

I will be interning at Top Hat next summer; I interned at Quietly last summer.

I am also a developer on the infrastructure team at the Fedora Project, and often represent the project in the collegiate hackathon scene.

What I've Done

Check my GitHub and LinkedIn for a full list of projects.

  • Polr - Minimalist and modern self-hostable URL shortener
  • mote - A user-friendly, powerful, and searchable interface for MeetBot logs
  • Ventib - Speech analysis statistic application; transcribes all your speech and provides valuable factoids, along with powerful search features.
  • Scribeline - An intuitive online notebook built with simplicity and speed in mind.